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We are building the future of the insulator market

Daeseung INP Co. Ltd., incorporated in 2006, is a company which specializes in manufacturing and distributing construction insulators such as low-radiation, thermal radiation insulators, as well as environmentally friendly insulators, heat-insulating wallpaper, form blocks, and PVC mats.

“DDASAROOM” developed using environmentally friendly materials is a product to improve internal living environments via heat maintenance and insulation and by reducing dew condensation, preventing mold etc. It is loved by many customers. Roll mats developed based on our long production experiences combine PVC and PE and gain popularity with its comfortable cushion feeling and refined design and by reducing noises between floors and preventing slippage.

Customers select products and services based on the extent of “faith” in the company. That is, the brand value of a company is determined by the faith of their customers. The faith among members of an organization, between employees and the company, and between the company and customers is so important that it can decide the success of the corporation. Particularly, improving the relationship of confidence inside an organization can provide a strong basis of enhancing corporate competitiveness. We believe that the synergetic effect from sharing management ideas and visions can also result in “customer faith”.

Daeseung INP will make the best efforts for customer satisfaction through future development of new materials and diverse products. We will listen to voices from all customers and respond to your expectations. We will strive to become a company which always contributes to both customers and the society. Thank you.

Daeseung  INP  Co.  Ltd.
Representative director     Choi Suk Su